Rockbox Devcon West 2007, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

June 16-17, will start afternoon/evening of June 15th.

closer look at the t-shirts and mugs

Video feed will not happen for this event. Sorry, but anything I touch seems to not work at all. =/

devcon 2007 wiki page

Team Picture
With names ;)

Happened Already, Sunday 17th

Happened Already, Saturday 16th

Happened Already, Friday 15th

(The timezone is PST here, which is GMT-8 in this context...we are ignoring DST for this purpose)


Paul and Christophe getting things set up
David's foot
Austin's setup
A table home to a few...note the taken apart Gigabeat S with a wire coming out
The fridge
David's tofu steaks on the pan
The finished product
Showing us how you /really/ do things, Christophe's dinner
A work of art on Adam's walk
Looking up at the hotel
The above in the day
A decent group shot
The view straight out from the patio
The above in the daytime and pitched down a bit
The other view
The above in the day
The soldering station partly set up (yes, he had more equipment)
Someone seemingly thinking the ice bucket is worth taking a picture of
One of the two lobbies
A few of us really wanted one that size...
We found the arcade
Us moving around in David's is no Signature, but only 2 of us are staying anyway ;)
An ad we found. Fitting, no?
Sleeping Rockbox devs...aren't they cute?
Brandon asleep next to his laptop like a true dev
Some have said that Joel resmebles an angel when he sleeps...
Paul left his teddy bear at home
Apparently, Austin's subconscious kicks in when people put cameras in front of his sleeping face
Some pics of our Tower of Rockbox...We cheated a bit with including a few Gigabeat S, a Gigabeat V, and multiple Gigabeat boards (can you tell Christophe was here? ;)
And with Paul telling him that he will crash it, Austin crashes the tower and can be seen in the top-right corner running away